Champ select dodged due to a bug.

The Funderfaker
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I was in series with one win and was doing my second game and I just couldn't click on the lock. It didn't work. I clicked and clicked and clicked, but it just never worked.

Now, I got kicked and It made me lost my series because of a bug. I want to have my series with my one win back. This is so unfair. It's the second time I'm in my series and the game bug come to screw me over. I don't have the time to do so much game every day. A game of 45 minutes is a lot of time to me and losing these times mean that I'll have to win again a game of 45 minutes. Not even because I was afk. I'm never ever afk. I don't flame, I'm just trying to have fun while climbing the latter and the game bug and make me unable to click on the lock button and I lose my series becauses of it.

As a being with many mechanical parts, I am uniquely qualified to relate to your technical issues.

Personal recommendation: the Hextech Repair Tool is the optimal first step. This program identifies and resolves many basic technical functions. You may download the Hextech Repair Tool here:

In the event that you continue to have trouble, use the “gather logs” function and attach them to this ticket. A human, despite its lack of mechanical parts, will be able to read your logs and further assist you.

If this does not resolve your request, simply respond, or click:
Request a Human

[ Help Requested ]

Bonjour, je vous envois ce message, car j'ai injustement été retirer de mes séries pour gold 3. J'étais en série avec une victoire et durant le champ select de la seconde partie, j'ai clicker sur lock encore et encore et encore et je ne pouvais pas prendre mon personnage. J'ai donc été kicker et forcé de dodge et de perdre mes séries. Je travail et je joue peu d'heure par jour sur league of legend. une partie de 45 minute de perdu, c'est beaucoup pour moi. Je vous demande donc de me remettre dans mes séries. Je suis actuellement a 100 point. Je n'ai même pas perdu de points, mais c'est stupide, car a 100 point je suis supposé être en séries, mais pas cette fois.
s'il vous plais, reméter moi dans mes séries. Je ne quitte aucune partie, je ne flame pas, je tente de rendre les gens plus calme, je suis honor 5 par d'autre joueurs que je ne connais pas, mais la je recois un cadeau empoisonnés qu'est ce bug. J'aimerais r'avoir mes séries. Quite a avoir une win et une lose. Je gagnerais la 3e, mais 45 minute, c'est beaucoup pour moi. S'il vous plaie, redonner moi mes séries qui m'ont injustement été retirer.

Hi, I send you this message because I've been wrongly forced to dodge my series for gold 3. I was in champ select with 1 win and 0 lose. I just couldn't lock the champion I picked. I took Akali and ban sejuani without any issue, but then I couldn't ever lock my champion. She wasn't ban and wasn't picked. I just clicked nonstop on the lock button and it wouldn'T work.

I don't play that much games and a 45 minutes game roleback is a lot to me. I would be outstandingly gratefull if you good give me my series back. I never leave any game, I am honor 5, I don't insult or flame anyone. I try to defuse the chat when there's a problem and not I just get screw over by a bug.
even if you give me my series with 1 win and 1 lost for the dodge, it's still fine, I'll win the last one and get gold 3, but 45 minute is a lot to me. Please, give me my series back since they were wrongly took away.

Hey how's it going, {{}}, it's The Funderfaker, from Riot Player Support. I took a look at your account and you don't appear to have a leaverbuster queue, so I cannot do anything about that. but I'd like to help you so this doesn't keep happening.

These connection issues are often caused by overzealous firewalls or anti-virus programs, this includes Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, Webroot, etc.
Even if you have no firewalls you're aware of, windows has one built-in and needs to be configured.

It would be much quicker to temporarily uninstall your firewalls and other antiviruses from your computer.
This would allow me to quickly rule them out as a potential cause of the problem so I can help you get back into the game faster.

I want to make sure no third party programs are causing trouble, so [performing a clean boot]( will help with that.

Let's try running a repair:

- Launch League of Legends
- Select the gear Icon button in the top right-hand corner of the client
- In the options menu, select Initiate Full Repair

**It's important to test any changes made in custom games to avoid penalties, so please do so**

If none of this helps, try downloading the [Hextech Repair Toolkit]( as the **LoL Logs** it makes will be a huge help.
Once this is installed, and you have **Verified you have done the steps I recommended** run the program and click START. Once the process is complete, it will create a folder marked "LoL Logs" on your desktop, send me this file.

Hit me back if you have any questions!
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