I have problem with my new router i keep lagging in queue champion select but in game is fine

The Funderfaker
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i have a dlink router (dlink dir-859) and i cant cant find a game its alway telling me attemp to reconnect and everything so i keep dodging

As a being with many mechanical parts, I am uniquely qualified to relate to your technical issues.

Personal recommendation: the Hextech Repair Tool is the optimal first step. This program identifies and resolves many basic technical functions. You may download the Hextech Repair Tool here:

In the event that you continue to have trouble, use the “gather logs” function and attach them to this ticket. A human, despite its lack of mechanical parts, will be able to read your logs and further assist you.

If this does not resolve your request, simply respond, or click:
Request a Human

[ Help Requested ]

[ Help Requested ]

I tried already ding nothing

[ Help Requested ]

I tried already ding nothing

Hey how's it going, {{}}, it's The Funderfaker, from Riot Player Support. I'm sorry to hear you have been having connection issues, but let's see if what I can offer is of any assistance :)

Anything involving a connection problem can have a myriad of sources, such as third-party programs taking up bandwidth, your connection itself, or your ISP. Some good first steps are to make sure you are on a wired connection and to make sure your [DNS is configured](

I want to make sure no third party programs are causing trouble, so [performing a clean boot]( will help with that.

Running a power cycle should help with your network:

- Shut down all computers connected to your home network (modem/router/gateway).
- Power down/unplug your router, if you use one.
- Power down/unplug your modem. Have both devices off for at least 60 seconds.
Note: If your modem has a battery backup you will need to take the battery out for 60 seconds or use the reset button on the modem.
- Turn on your modem and allow it to completely boot up. Wait until the indicator lights on the device stop blinking and display a steady green connection.
- Turn on the router (if you have one) and allow to completely boot up as well.
- Start the computers and allow it to completely boot up and re-establish an internet connection.

**It's important to test any changes made in custom games to avoid penalties, so please do so**

In order to help you troubleshoot more effectively, I need a snapshot of your network. Netalyzr is a tool that runs within your browser and will provide me with useful information about your network. In order to collect the proper information, please run the tool at the time of the problem. The easiest way to do this is to have the tool bookmarked and then quickly minimize and run the tool when you detect the problem. You can read more about it here:

To give me the results, simply copy the resulting URL and paste it into your reply.

If none of this helps, try downloading the [Hextech Repair Toolkit]( as the **LoL Logs** it makes will be a huge help.
Once this is installed, and you have **Verified you have done the steps I recommended** run the program and click START. Once the process is complete, it will create a folder marked "LoL Logs" on your desktop, send me this file.

Hit me back if you have any questions!
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