2020 Preseason Decay - League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics

Decay sounds like a bad thing. After all, our first thoughts when hearing it are of zombies and the undead, but don’t worry. The supernatural aside, we’re talking about ranked decay, and that’s not scary at all...or is it? It’s time to ring in the Roaring 20’s with some updates on Preseason and the state of decay.

So why am I still seeing the ranked decay Notification?

Teamfight Tactics and League of Legends actually have different season timelines. Because they are technically the same game with varied game modes, decay affects them both similarly. When the Summoner’s Rift season ends, we will be leaving decay notifications on during Preseason. If we turned them off, it would affect TFT too, and we want to keep the decay system in place.

What’s the point of decay, anyway?

Once you head into the upper echelons of Ranked Play, meta-mastery becomes the name of the game. To avoid players climbing the ladder early on in a season, decay makes it so others can’t park at the top

How will this affect my End of Season Rewards?

The tl;dr is that it won’t! If you’re playing TFT, your rewards will have been distributed already. If you’re playing LoL, your rewards will remain unaffected, regardless of decay’s effect on your account

What about my placements for next season?! Won’t decay affect them?

Ranked decay only affects players who are Diamond and above, so if you’re below Diamond, you won’t be affected. If you are in Diamond or above, don’t worry! Your provisional rank is based on your most recent ranked game’s MMR, so the rank you’ve decayed to won’t affect the next season.

In fact, even if you didn’t play any preseason games, your rank will be whatever you ended 2019 in.


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