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You’re speaking with a League expert as part of a program Player Support's testing out (unless you found this page through a Google search, in which case...hi, this is weird). It's a bit of a different experience from speaking with a Riot agent, so this page is here to help answer any questions you may have. The expert doesn't have any access to your account information, so don't share it while you're chatting. You also don't need to hang out on the page—you'll get an email when they respond!

If the expert solves your issue, great! You can close this page once you're done chatting (and hopefully after answering the little survey we add at the end). By submitting a ticket and chatting with a Directly expert, you've helped us a ton, so THANK YOU.

What's Directly?

It's an app that hooks into our normal support channel and directs certain requests toward Experts. Experts help answer questions that probably don't need direct interaction with your account, so you get help faster. If they can't answer the question, it goes right back to a Riot agent.

Who are Directly experts?

Chill players with high Honor scores and a history of positivity. We look for people who already spend a lot of time helping out on forums and in the community.

...Can they see my account information?

Nope. Experts only see your question. If your problem can't be solved with that information, they bump you to a Riot agent.

Can I be an Expert?

Since this is a beta test, we're not looking for new Experts just yet. But come on, you're probably already an expert at something.

I'd like to learn more about Directly!

Sure thing, check 'em out here.

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