Updated Client Patcher Issue Follow

Updated Client Patcher Issue

You've arrived at this page because you encountered an unknown error with patching the updated client.

You can help us investigate what caused this issue by submitting a support ticket under "I am having technical issues" and attaching your League client logs.

If the updated client continues to have errors while patching, please use the legacy client for now.

Follow these instructions to find and attach your logs:


  • Navigate to your install location for League of Legends. The default location is C:\Riot Games\League of Legends
  • Open up the Logs folder and right-click on the LeagueClient Logs folder. Select Send To > Compressed (zipped) folder
  • Attach the zipped file when you submit your ticket


  • Right-click on your League of Legends client icon and click "Show Original"
  • Open up the Logs folder, then right-click the LeagueClient Logs folder. Select "Compress" and attach the compressed file when you submit your ticket


I'm on Windows XP and I see a "RUNDLL" error pop-up when upgrading my client.

Players using Windows XP will get an error message pop up during the upgrade process. This should not prevent the upgrade from completing successfully. If you’re running XP and see this error message, feel free to close it out and proceed to enjoying the updated client. Note that you will see this error message a total of three times when running the updated client on Windows XP.


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