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Upgrading to Beta



Account stuff


Upgrading to Beta



Who can participate in open beta?

Once open beta is live in your territory, you’ll see a big pop up when you first launch the legacy client. When that happens, everyone will get a chance to upgrade their client anytime during open beta. We'll also keep a link to the open beta download in your launcher for the duration of the open beta.

Is it possible to lose access to open beta?

No, but any restrictions on your account will still take effect in the updated client.

How do I download and install the updated client?

Next time you launch League of Legends, you'll see a prompt to download the open beta client. If you don't feel like installing it immediately, that's okay! We'll keep a link to the open beta download in your launcher for the duration of open beta.

Can I uninstall the legacy client after installing the updated client?

Do not uninstall the legacy client! The legacy and updated client are still sharing a few files, and the updated client will faill to launch if the legacy client is uninstalled. We'll clean out the old files for you once we're ready to move completely to the updated client.

Can I switch back to the legacy client?

For now, yes! During the open beta, we'll hang on to the legacy client's files for you so you can launch it directly from the updated client through a button on the bottom-right of the updated client (it says 'Launch legacy client'). Once open beta is over, the legacy client files will all be removed from your computer.

Alternatively, you can create a desktop shortcut to LOL.exe in the legacy client folder.

Can I keep playing on the legacy client indefinitely?

No, sorry. By the end of open beta, the updated client will be a complete replacement for the legacy client (plus a few new features). It takes serious time and resources to support any large piece of software, so we'll focus exclusively on the updated client.

When is open beta ending?

We'll be adding features and functionality to the updated client throughout open beta. Once we're satisfied with the client's performance and it's not missing anything from the legacy client, we'll end the beta. Currently aiming for early 2017, but we don't yet have an exact date.

What will happen when open beta ends?

Nothing, if you join the beta early! For those who don't join the beta, their launcher will grab the updated client's files and upgrade their legacy client automatically. The legacy client will no longer be available once open beta ends.

I'm already using the alpha client. Do I need to do anything to upgrade?

Nope. Just keep playing! The alpha automatically upgrades itself to beta, and will replace the legacy client on your computer. This means your old desktop icon will be replaced with the icon for the updated client and you should only see one icon for League of Legends after the update. If you’re still seeing the legacy client icon, try refreshing your desktop. Regardless, running it will launch the League client update.



Will the updated client have the same features as the current client?

The updated client is where we'll release all new client features (like Replays), and there are a few things that may take a few patches to to re-implement after open beta gets going. One feature that isn't being immediately brought over from the legacy client are item sets. However, your existing item sets will still continue to work and our third-party API will sitll allow you to download custom item sets from community developers for in-game use.

Here's a list of things which will be missing at the start of open beta (but which we'll work quickly to add):

  • Account transfers
  • Summoner name changes
  • Gifting - including End-of-game gifting
  • Battle boosts in ARAM
  • Spectate friends (and spectating custom games)
  • Searching for and joining open custom games
  • Ward skins in your Collection
  • Public chat rooms

Is the updated client connected to the same servers as the current client?

Yes, gameplay is completely unaffected by the updated client--you'll connect to the same server, use the same username and password to log in, and play games with players still using the legacy client.

Can I have both the current and updated client open at the same time?

Sorry, only one League client can run on your computer at a time!

Will the updated client use Adobe Air?

Nope! The updated client is built from the ground up in what's called a web stack. This lets us add and support features way more easily. If you're interested, you can read up on the tech on our engineering blog

There are a few third-party programs available to reskin the Air client or use a different language pack. Are modifications like this supported in the beta client?

These client modifications weren't supported on the legacy client and won't be supported on the updated client.





Are there any known issues with the updated client?

We'll be keeping tabs on some known issues here.

How do I report bugs?

You can use the bug icon that's always at the bottom of your friends list.

How do I give feedback?

We'll send out surveys occasionally to random players. You can also share and discuss feedback on the client discussion boards here: EUW | EUNE | NA | OCE

We're also going to be hosting a Q&A the week of open beta launch. Feel free to join and share your feedback there!

How big is the download for the updated client?

Around 1.3 gigabytes. If you want to keep using the legacy client for now, the updated client will download in small chunks over the next few patches.

What will happen to the legacy client's files on my computer?

We'll keep the legacy client's files around for a bit while we transition. Once the transition to the updated client is finished, we'll remove the legacy client files automatically.

Does the updated client have different system requirements?

The updated client has the same minimum and recommended system requirements as the legacy client. You can check these requirements here.

I got a bug splat error!

Sorry to hear! We're still ironing out some bugs. Please take the time to fill in each section of the bug splat error so we know how to squash it.

How do I repair the updated client?

Here are a few simple steps to repair the updated client:

    • Step 1: Launch the updated client.
    • Step 2: Click on the Settings button.

    • Step 3: Click on "Initiate Full Repair."

    • Step 4: Verify by clicking on "Yes."

    • Step 5: Wait until the updated client finishes.





Will my account's level or any of my stats be reset when I switch to the updated client?

No. The only thing changing about the client is the client itself. The account you use and everything you've unlocked will stay the same.

If I transfer servers, will I lose access to open beta?

Not at all. Select your new server from the drop-down menu and log in like normal.

I can't log into my account!

The updated client uses your normal username and password, so this is likely a different issue. If you can't log in, head over to our Login Issues article.

I participated in the alpha--do I get anything?

YES! Alpha testers will be receiving an exclusive summoner icon. The icon should be in your account by November 29th.

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