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Your Teemoing Shop is a store that offers up to 6 skins at varying discounts from 20% to 70% off a skin and the accompanying champion (if you don’t own the champion).


Your Teemoing Shop will be available from October 20th 11:00 AM PDT through November 3rd 23:59 PM PDT


Skins excluded from Your Teemoing Shop

  • Ultimate skins
  • Legendary skins
  • Limited skins
  • Chromas
  • Skins released less than 3 months ago from the launch of Your Teemoing Shop
  • Skins on sale during the Teemoing




How do I access my offers?

  • NOTE: Your Teemoing Shop is only available in the original League of Legends client, not in the alpha client.

Click on the purple button next to the store in the top right section of the client. Click on the individual cards to reveal your offers!


Why do I have fewer than 6 offers?

If you own a lot of skins, you may see fewer than six offers. Although there may be skins you don't own, they are likely excluded from Your Teemoing Shop pool.


Once I purchase one of my offers, does a new one take its place?

No, a new offer won’t take the place of any skin or champ you buy in Your Teemoing Shop.


I accidentally bought an offer outside of the Your Teemoing Shop for full price, can you help me?

If you purchased something from the regular store while it was available in your Teemoing Shop, please submit a support ticket and we'll refund the difference.


I don't like my offers, can I get them changed?

Sorry, the offers you reveal in the shop are the only Teemoing Shop deals available during the event.


Why can't I gift these discounted skins to my friends?

Your friends have offers unique to each of them, so you can't share your own offers with them. Your Teemoing Shop is available for a limited time, so make sure your friends reveal their deals in time!


Why did my offer change to 50% off?

Each offer's price is based on the cost of the champion and the skin. If a champion you don't own goes on sale during the event, the Teemoing Shop listing will update to reflect that reduced price.


I have a question or issue that isn't covered here =(

Just send us a ticket with "Your Teemoing Shop" in the title and we'll take a look! It will help if you can include the following information:

  • Description of your issue
  • Screenshot of Your Teemoing Shop
  • Screenshot of the issue (if it's not inside the shop)
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