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Ranked Emblems Follow

Ranked emblems display a player's ranked play style preference. They are visible on the Leagues and Profile pages.

Players receive one of three emblems based on their play trends in dynamic ranked games. Emblems are calculated based on the last 25 dynamic ranked wins. It is possible for the emblem to change.

Three Emblem Types




Win majority of games as a solo player.
Average Premade Size: 1~1.2
Win majority of games with premade teams of varying sizes.
Average Premade Size: higher than 1.2 or less than 3.1
Win majority of games with premade teams of four or five.
Average Premade Size: 3.1 or above


Average Premade Size Calculation

[Total No. of Premade Size in the last 25 wins] / 25

Example: 16 wins in solo, 6 wins in duo, 3 wins in premade 3, (1×16+2×6+3×3)÷25=1.48)


Only one emblem is attached to an account at a time. The active emblem is based on the last 25 dynamic ranked games won.





Does the type of emblem I have impact matchmaking?

No, emblems do not factor into matchmaking.


Can I earn more than one emblem at once?

No. Emblems are meant to reflect how you won your last 25 games, so they can change over the course of the season.


Am I stuck with the first emblem I get forever?

Your emblem can change over time. It is based on the last 25 wins in dynamic ranked queue.


Can I have my emblem removed or hidden?

No, emblems are part of a player's League identity like ranked tier and mastery level.


I want a different emblem. Can Player Support change my emblem to something else?

We cannot change your emblem. However, it will change if your wins trend differently.


Where does (or doesn’t) my emblem show?

Emblems show on your Profile and Leagues pages. They don’t show on the loading screen, or in game.


Why not show emblems on the loading screen?

The loading screen mostly reflects information from longer historical trends like ranked tier, making emblems a somewhat inconsistent fit. We’re looking at whether 2016 emblems should leave a mark on next season’s loading screen borders. Feedback welcome!


Is the Dynamic Emblem only for those players that mostly play duos or premade 3s?

No. The Dynamic Emblem can be acquired by players of whose average premade size in the last 25 wins is higher than 1.5 or less than 3.1. For example, if out of 25 wins 15 wins were in solo queue and 10 wins were in premade 5s, then the average premade size would be 2.6 ((1×15+5×10)÷25), and that player would acquire the Dynamic Emblem.


If there are many players who obtain the Dynamic Emblem, does this mean that there are more players who prefer premades over solo queue?

No. The ratio of the emblems that players received may be different from the ratio of premade size of games.


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