Alpha Client Does Not Appear if Launched from Taskbar or Shortcut Follow

OS: Windows and Mac

 Client Version: .01

 Cause: Occurs when relocating the League of Legends installation folder after creating the shortcut, meaning the shortcut is now pointing to the wrong location

 Solution: Delete your existing shortcut, and recreate it from your current install path.

 Alternatively, you can return the League of Legends folder back to the original installation location. For example, if League of Legends was installed in 'C:\Riot Games\League of Legends' when you downloaded and installed the Alpha client, but you have since moved it to 'C:\Users\DemacianJoe', move the files back to 'C:\Riot Games\League of Legends'.

If you'd like to relocate your League of Legends installation, be sure to install the Alpha client after completing the relocation.

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