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Open Beta Test (OBT)



Open Beta Test (OBT)

We're pumped to announce the open beta test for our Japan server, nestled in the heart of Tokyo. The open beta test will last for an indefinite period of time, during which we'll collect feedback to make League in Japan as positive an experience as possible.

All Riot regions are able to transfer to Japan. If you're already playing League from a Japanese IP, you'll receive a free transfer token you can use to bring your account to the Japan server. All players who transfer their accounts to the Japan server will receive Blood Moon Yasuo. Thanks for helping us ensure a smooth launch!

You can download the Japanese League of Legends client directly from the site here. You'll also find the Boards here where you can submit feedback and discuss the open beta with other players.







Can I access the Japan server from overseas?

We're currently limiting access to the Japan server based on a number of factors. This limitation is flexible, and we may expand our coverage in the future

For now, you can try creating an account on the main page here. If you're unable to create an account, you won't be able to play on the server from where you live.




How does the free transfer work?

If you're currently playing from Japan, or if you've played a majority of your games from Japan between January 1, 2015 and February 22, 2016, you'll be given a free transfer token valid until March 31, 23:50. The token's a one-way ticket, so leaving the Japan server is on your dime. If you haven't received a transfer token within a week of the open beta's launch and you fit the requirements, contact Player Support here and we'll check it out.




How do I get Blood Moon Yasuo?

Transfer your account to Japan and you'll receive Blood Moon Yasuo. If you don't have Yasuo, you'll receive him as well. Should you have purchased Blood Moon Yasuo in the weeks before your transfer, you'll be refunded the RP you paid for the skin; you won't receive such a refund for just the champion. The refund may take up to a week to show up on your account.

This promotion ends on March 15, at 23:59 JST.




Can I play on a Mac?

Sure can. Macs with Intel processors can play League on the Japan server. You may run into some trouble with a Japanese IME, as we haven't smoothed out all the kinks yet, but we're working on it.




Can I purchase RP?

Yes! Accounts created during open beta will transition to the launch, so any RP you purchase now will stay on your account. You can see a list of payment methods for the server here.




Which game modes will be available?

For the open beta, our plan is to have Normal Blind Pick available as the default Summoner's Rift mode. We'll add more game modes based on participation, and during peak hours and weekends.

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