New Champion Select

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An Even More Natural Selection

The Process


Dynamic queue now available in all regions, barring technical issues. Keep an eye on your region's server status page for updates!


An Even More Natural Selection

Cramming ten minutes of strategy discussion into thirty seconds is a thing of the past. Our goal with the new Champion Select is to make joining and building a team faster and easier. Check out this page for a review of the new system in the context of the 2016 Season. Below, you’ll find the basics, along with a few changes that might catch you sleeping.


The Process


Position Select

Before you queue up, you need to select your primary and secondary roles; you’ll be assigned one of these once you join a match. You’ll be able to see the role selection for everyone on your team before entering the pre-game lobby. Once you're in the lobby, you'll be prompted to declare your pick intent.


Pick Intent

Once you've joined the pre-game lobby, you'll be prompted to select the champion you intend to play. Highlighting your champion lets your team know who you want to play, but it doesn’t tell your opponents. You can't change your pick intent, but you're free to change your champion once it's your turn.



Now, the last three players on each side of the draft get one ban each. Bans need to be locked in, just as if you were picking your champion.


Locking in is necessary now, so don't let the timer run down or you'll be returned to queue.



Pick format is still the same: one team has first pick, next team has two picks, and so on. However, now instead of two players picking simultaneously, each player has their own pick window, and must lock in before the next player chooses. Failure to lock in (letting the clock run down) results in a return to the queue, or a penalty in Ranked.

Remember to lock in.




What happened to Team Builder?

The new champion Select is essentially an upgrade to Team Builder. Team Builder was effective at giving players control over the champion they played, but as a result, queue times suffered and team comps were harder to put together. You can read more about our decision here.


Can I still play Blind Pick?



I miss the old draft picking style. Can I have it back?

The new Champion Select will replace all Draft modes going forward.


Is there still time to swap Champions before a match begins?

Yes! Swapping Champions remains unchanged.


Is there any situation in which I might not get one of my two selected roles?

It's rare, but yes. During times of extremely high queue times, we may enable "autofill," which can sort you into a role you didn't select if you've been waiting a long time. This isn't enabled on all queues at all times, and you'll be notified if autofill has been enabled for you. Autofill is never active during your promo series, and you won't be selected to autofill two games in a row.

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