Friend Discovery

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Friend Discovery



Friend Discovery

Let's find some friends!

Friend discovery is a feature that allows you to connect with your Facebook friends on League. Upon activation, you'll start seeing friend suggestions at the bottom of your League friends list. These suggestions are friends of yours from Facebook who have also activated friend discovery, but aren't currently on your League friends list. To get started, hit the "Add Friend" button at the bottom of your friends list, click "Get Started" next to the Facebook icon, and follow the prompts.

How this affects your League account

The only change you'll see to your account is an occasional friend suggestion at the bottom of your friends list.

How this affects your Facebook account

It doesn't. There is zero League crossover to your Facebook account. This feature is exclusively geared toward finding you some new queue partners.



Can I deactivate friend discovery?

You can deactivate friend discovery by clicking the "Unlink" button in the Add Friends panel and following the prompts.

What information is shared with Riot from Facebook?

We only receive your friends list, your name, and your profile picture. We don't get your location, address, or anything else from Facebook.

Can I link multiple League accounts to one Facebook account?

You can! However, you cannot link multiple Facebook accounts to one League account.

Is there a difference between a discovery friend request and a regular one?

When you receive a discovery friend request, it will clearly indicate that the other player is one of your Facebook friends. Once both players accept a discovery friend request, a note is automatically added to your friends list indicating the player's name for easy identification.


Will my real name be shown to others?

Nobody who isn't your Facebook friend will see anything about you. Your photo and real name will be shown to a League player if all four of these criteria are met:

  • The player is your Facebook friend. Strangers will never see your real name or profile photo.
  • The player is not your League of Legends friend.
  • Both you and the player have approved the Facebook connection.
  • Neither you nor the player have dismissed the recommendation.


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