Installing the PBE Client

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The Installer

You can find the PBE installer here for Windows, and here for Mac.



Installing the PBE on Windows

To use this installer, place it in your ‘C:\Riot Games’ folder. Make sure to unzip the file into the following:

c:\Riot Games\LOLPBE

Do NOT unzip it in any of its sub-folders.


Once the contents have been unpacked, run the lol.launcher file found here:

C:\Riot Games\LOLPBE\lol.launcher.exe


You will also want to create a shortcut of of this file on your desktop as you will be using it to start the client from now on.


Installing the PBE on Mac

First, download the PBE installer.

Upon opening the file, you should see this screen:


Open the Applications folder and drag the 'League of Legends PBE' icon into it to automatically begin the installation process.


Launch the new "League of Legends PBE" shortcut in your Applications folder to run the PBE launcher!

If you're running into any issues, please contact us with your patcher logs attached. The patcher logs are are:

C:\(pbe install location)\RADS\rads_lol_launcher.log
C:\(pbe install location)\RADS\rads_user_kernel.log


For more information about the Public Beta Environment, check out our PBE FAQ.

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