End of Game Screen Gifting FAQ

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End of game gifting is a new feature that allows you to send a gift to other players at the end of your match. Had a great battle on the Rift? Met an awesome support that helped you in bot lane and that last pivotal fight? Did you have some great bouts with that opposing jungler? Give props to other Summoners for being super cool or for helping carry the match!


About End of Game Gifting

How to Send a Gift

Gifting Issues


About End of Game Gifting

Who can I gift?

You’ll be able to gift any player from your team or the opposing team with this feature. This does not allow you to purchase content for your own account.

What content is eligible for gifting with this feature?

Upon the initial launch, you will be able to gift mystery gift skins, mystery gift champions, a skin for the champion the player was just playing with, or the champion the player was just playing with (if the player does not own it and champion was on free rotation). We have plans on expanding this in the future and giving you guys more gifting options. :)

How much does it cost?

For mystery gifts, it will cost 490 RP – just like the normal Mystery Gifting in the Store. For other gifts, the prices will match the prices in the store.

What game mode is this available for?

This is available for all modes except custom games.

This is NOT available for URF mode.

How long will this feature be available for?

This feature is here to stay! We’ll do upgrades and tweaks as we figure out what works best for players and build off of feedback from the community. Keep an eye out for exciting additions to this feature!



How to Send a Gift

How does it work?

  • At the end of the match, you’ll see a gifting icon listed next to each player’s Summoner name beside the Honor button. Click on this icon to open the gifting options window.

  • Select your desired gift and then pick from one of several preset gifting messages or your own custom message.

  • Once you’ve completed your selection, confirm that everything is correct before sending your gift. You’re done!

What are the requirements to gift?

  • The player receiving the gift needs to be at least level 1.
  • [FOR MYSTERY GIFTS] The player receiving the gift must have at least 10 unowned pieces of content eligible for the type of gift selected.
    • For example, if you want to gift a player a mystery Champion, the player must have at least 10 unowned champions eligible for mystery champion gifting. Similarly, for mystery skins, the player must have at least 10 unowned skins for Champions they own.
  • The player sending the gift must be at least level 10.
  • A player can only send up to 10 content gifts every 24 hours.
  • A player can only receive up to 10 content gifts every 24 hours.

Unlike normal gifting requirements, the player does NOT have to be on your buddy list.

Note: For security purposes, we don't allow players with over 50,000 RP to send content gifts. Players with RP balances over this amount still have the option to send RP gifts in the Gifting Center.



Gifting Issues

What if I don’t have enough RP? Can I purchase RP and still use this feature?

Unfortunately, once you've left the end of game screen, you will be unable to gift. You'll need to have RP before the game if you would like to try this feature.

If you don’t have enough RP, you can send a friend request to the person you would like to gift, and send them a gift later. Please note that the requirements for this kind of gifting are different; see our Gifting Guide for more information.

Can I refund an end of game gift?

End of game gifts are a great way to reward teammates and honorable opponents. As with other gifting features, gifts are not refundable.

Why was the selected item unavailable? Why can’t I send a certain type of gift?

If you experience an error stating an item is unavailable, it indicates this specific gift or type of gift is disabled at this time. This may be due to maintenance or work being done on the store. We recommend trying to send a different type of gift in the meantime.

I wasn’t able to use the EOGG feature or send any gifts. What can I do now?!

Sorry about that, Summoner. :( If you’re unable to use the Gifting feature for any of the above reasons, consider friending the player and Gifting them later when you’re in a position to do so. You can read more about our Gifting Guide here.

I was charged multiple times, but I was only trying to send one gift!

There is a known issue with end-of-game gifting that can cause you to send several gifts at once when you only intended to send one. Send us a ticket and we'll take care of it!

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