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1. What is a Chargeback?

2. My account is suspended

How to repay your negative balance

How to repay your negative balance (North America)

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What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a dispute between a bank and a merchant - in this case, Riot Games. As part of this dispute, the player's bank takes money out of Riot's account and gives it back to the player. This means that an account is essentially granted content without completing a payment

Chargebacks can happen for a few reasons, and not all of them are the player's fault. Here's a rundown of the chargeback life cycle:

  • We receive a chargeback notification. The affected account is placed under temporary suspension.
  • If your account is suspended, you have 14 days to repay the chargeback using the instructions sent to your email. If we receive no payment during this time, we dispute the chargeback with the credit card company.
  • During a dispute, we communicate with the bank and the credit card company to determine what exactly happened to cause the chargeback, and who is responsible for payment. This can take up to 60 days. Accounts remain suspended for the duration of a dispute, and we cannot accept repayment on the account.
  • A dispute has one of two outcomes:
    • The bank determines that money is owed to Riot Games, and that money is deposited back to our account. In this situation, we lift the suspension.
    • The bank determines that money is not owed to Riot. In this case, the money for a transaction stays in a player's bank account, but the content purchased with the money is still on the player's account, and so the account remains frozen until the player manually repays the balance.

That third point is why it's important to repay during the 14-day grace period. If we can't resolve the chargeback before a dispute begins, we must wait until the dispute is complete before lifting a suspension.

My account is suspended

I've been suspended for a chargeback, how can I get unbanned so I can return to the Fields of Justice

If your account has been suspended for a chargeback, you’ve already received a notification by email about the next steps that you can take to activate your account. This suspension is temporary, but will remain until the negative balance on your account has been repaid. If you haven't received this notification, please submit a ticket with "Suspended for Chargebacks" as the subject.

Please note that depending on the chargeback, certain payment methods may be disabled and no longer available for use.

Due to the nature of the suspension, Credit Cards will not be accepted as a form of repayment. Players must use one of our other available payment methods as indicated in the email.

How long is the suspension?

The suspension is temporarily but will not be removed until the negative balance has been repaid. Please note the difference between this suspension and a permanent suspension is that a permanent suspension will under no circumstances be lifted.

I don't have the means to repay this negative balance, what can I do?

The suspension will only be lifted when this negative balance has been repaid. None of your content will be affected during this time. Your account will remain in our systems for as long as it takes for you to repay this negative balance.

Please note that "You acknowledge and agree that any applicable fees and other charges for fee-based services (including without limitation riot points) are payable in advance and not refundable in whole or in part. You are fully liable for all charges to your account, including any unauthorized charges."

Can't you just remove the stuff that was bought and we'll call it even?

Charges on your account have been reported to us by our bank as being unauthorized and we have had to return these funds. Additionally Riot gets fined for each of these unauthorized transactions. You are responsible for the charges made on your account. Removing content from the account will not be sufficient in restoring the account.

How to repay your negative balance

There are currently three ways to pay for your negative balance:

  1. PayPal
  2. paysafecard (EU and TR only)
  3. Prepaid RP Cards (OCE, EUNE, and EUW)
  4. North American accounts cannot use these payment methods. If your account is on NA, follow the instructions later in the article to repay your balance

Paypal Payments

  1. Go to

  2. If you do not already have an account, click on the blue "Sign Up" and create an account before proceeding to the next step. If you already have an account, please log into your account.

  3. Click on the "Send Money" tab.

  4. Fill out all the required information. Depending on what region your account is in, you will need to enter the correct email address for repayment.
    TO (email or mobile phone)
    • For accounts on the Latin America servers, the email address is

      Only USD is accepted. Please convert your payment to USD before submitting a payment.

    • For accounts in the European West, European Nordic East, Brazil, Oceania, Turkey, and Russian servers, the email address is

      Only EUR or GBP is accepted. Please convert your payment to EUR or GBP before submitting a payment.


    Put the exact amount that you owe. Be sure to select the correct currency!

  5. IMPORTANT -- You will be prompted to add a note before submitting your payment. In order for us to lift your ban, you MUST include the following information: username, Summoner name, and server.

    Remember to:
    • Submit the TOTAL amount
    • Submit the payment in the correct currency

      (USD for NA, LAS, LAN. EUR or GBP for all other servers)

    Partial Chargeback payments and payments made in the incorrect currency will not be accepted.

  6. It will take about 1 to 2 business days for your suspension to be lifted after your payment has been posted. The time it takes may vary depending on how long it takes for us to receive the funds.

paysafecard Payments

If you would like to pay your chargeback via paysafecard, you will need to purchase a paysafecard that has enough funds on it to cover the negative balance. When you are ready, please submit a ticket to Player Support with the following information:

SUBJECT TITLE: Chargeback Payment - paysafecard
  • Username:
  • Summoner Name:
  • Server:
  • Email Address:
  • Card PIN(s):
  • Amount per card:

Please also remember to include the account information of the account that has been banned. Any payment in excess of the chargeback amount will be credited to the original account as RP.

Prepaid RP Card Payments

If you would like to pay your chargeback via Prepaid RP Cards, you will need to purchase enough cards to equal the value of your negative balance. For example, if you owe 20 USD, will need to purchase two 10 USD cards. To see the different card values available, please see our Prepaid RP Card article. When you are ready, please submit a ticket to Player Support with the following information:

SUBJECT TITLE: Chargeback Payment - Prepaid RP Card
  • Username:
  • Summoner Name:
  • Server:
  • Card PIN(s):
  • Amount per card:

Any payment in excess of the chargeback amount will be credited to the account as RP.

How to repay your negative balance (North America)

NA players must use the Riot Repayments site to address their chargebacks. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Riot Repayments.
  2. Sign into your League of Legends account.
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts to repay your negative balance.

Other Information

I've been hacked, but it wasn't me who made these purchases! What can I do?

You are fully responsible for all activity made on your account. If you believe that your account has been compromised, please see the following Knowledge Base article for more information and instructions to help you recover your account: Account Recovery Guide. We'll be able to address this issue in your ticket.

I purchased Riot Points through a 3rd party dealer, I paid for these points!

Players who are experiencing difficulties in making Riot Point purchases may consider using 3rd Party Riot Point dealers to obtain Riot Points. We recommend that you do not use these services. The use of these types of services is a violation of the League of Legends Terms of Use and can put the account at risk for the following reasons:

  • Many 3rd Party Riot Point services require the user to reveal usernames and passwords. Sharing account details is not only a violation of the terms of service, but is also a serious breach of account security.
  • Account ownership can become muddled if payments on an account originate from different people.
  • 3rd party RP dealers often use unauthorized credit cards or chargeback payments. Account holders are fully responsible for all charges on their account, and accounts may be suspended until these charges are repaid.
  • In order to provide the best player experience possible, please refrain from using these types of services. If you have payment issues, please contact Player Support or post on the forums and we will do what we can to help you.

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