Prepaid RP Cards (NA/OCE)

Prepaid RP Cards are a convenient way to purchase Riot Points without the requirement for a credit card or bank account. These cards are purchased at local stores and can be redeemed by entering the card’s pin code in our in-client store.

For information on EU RP Cards, please check out Payment Method: Prepaid RP Cards (EU).

Where can I buy a card? What are the cards worth? How do I redeem my card? Why is it not working?

Where can I buy Prepaid RP Cards?

Currently, Prepaid RP Cards can be purchased in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and various countries in Europe. For a complete list of retail locations stocking prepaid cards, please click here. (EU Retailers here)

If you purchase a prepaid RP card in Australia or New Zealand, the card will only be redeemable in the OCE server. If you purchase the card in the United States or Canada, the card will only be redeemable in the NA server.

Please note that purchasing Prepaid RP cards from a third party merchant, such as online auctions and non-Riot authorized retailers, is highly advised against, and we will not be able to assist you should the cards not work.

You can also buy Riot PIN (digital codes) in United States and Canada from Amazon. Those codes can only be redeemed on the North American server.

Card Values

$10 1380 RP 1000 RP 975 RP 1020 RP
$25 3500 RP 2575 RP 2440 RP 2600 RP
$50* 7200 RP N/A N/A 5350 RP
$100** 15000 RP  N/A N/A N/A

* Only available in US (GameStop) and Canada (EB Games).

** Riot PIN value only. These codes can only be redeemed on the North American server.

Remember that the cards are region locked, meaning if you purchase a card in Australia or New Zealand, the card will only be redeemable in the OCE server. Similarly, if you purchase a card in the United States or Canada, the card will only be redeemable in the NA server.

Upon purchasing the cards, remember to keep the card and the store receipt until you are able to verify that you have successfully redeemed the card. If any errors occur with the redemption process, your card and store receipt are vital in further investigating the issue.

Redeeming your card

  1. Lightly scratch the back of your card to reveal the code. Do not scratch too hard, as the numbers may be unreadable. Please ensure that the card has not been scratched before purchasing the card from the store.
  2. Go to the store and click "Purchase RP".
  3. Select the "Prepaid Cards" payment method.
  4. Enter the pin code from the back of your card. Do NOT include any spaces when you type the code, as our system will identify it as invalid.
  5. Press the blue Submit button to complete the transaction. Enjoy your RP!

Common Errors

  1. Card Not Valid

    The code that you have entered is invalid and does not exist within our systems. Please double check the scratch off code on the back of your card to ensure that you have typed in the number correctly. Do not include any spaces when you type in your code. For example, rather than typing in 123 456 789, your code should look like 123456789.

  2. Not Properly Activated

    Every time a Prepaid RP card is purchased, the merchant will activate the card upon check out. If you receive this error message, it indicates that the code was not appropriately activated at the register, causing you to be unable to redeem the RP successfully through our store. Unfortunately, because this activation process is the sole responsibility of the merchant, you will have to return to the store to ensure that your card is activated properly.

  3. Already Redeemed

    If you have shared the pin code with anyone else, you were gifted this card, or you purchased the card through a third party vendor, the code may have already been previously redeemed. Please make sure you are redeeming the correct card if you have multiple cards in your possession.

  4. Too many attempts

    You have attempted to redeem too many cards! Please wait 24 hours before attempting to redeem more cards.

  5. Store Issue

    We apologize, but the store is unable to process your payment at this time. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If this problem persists, please contact us at

    Our store is likely to be experiencing issues at the moment and could not process your request. The best course of action is usually to wait a few minutes and then try redeeming the code again.

  6. Code Invalid in Current Region

    RP codes are region specific, and this code is invalid for your current region. Please contact us for more information at

    Our codes are region specific, so you are only able to redeem a code on the server that it was issued for. If you believe that you are receiving this message in error, please send us a ticket by following the link above.

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