American Express Serve RP+ FAQ

NOTE: Registration for RP+ is currently closed. This program will officially end on December 1st, 2014.

The Program

Program Ends December 1st

The Program

What is Serve RP+?

RP+ is a Full Service Reloadable Account from American Express that earns you RP based on your daily purchases IRL.

How do I earn Riot Points when I use my American Express Serve Prepaid Card?

Here is a list of RP rewards you get from purchases:

    • Sign up for an Account -- 1,000 RP
    • Add $20 or more to your Account for the first time -- 1,000 RP
    • Add $20 or more via Direct Deposit for the first time -- 10,000 RP
    • First 10 purchases made with your Card -- 100 per purchase, up to 1,000 RP
    • Continuous RP with every eligible purchase

How do the continuous RP purchases work?

You can earn 100 RP for each of your first 10 purchases using your American Express Serve Card, after which you will receive 1 RP for each Card purchase up to $3.00. Increased point thresholds will then apply for each Card purchase in $3 increments as follows: up to $3.00: 1 RP; $3.01-$6.00: 2 RP; $6.01-$9.00: 3 RP; $9.01-$12.00: 4 RP; etc.

What purchases count?

You can use your Card virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted worldwide, and every purchase you make with your Card will earn you RP.

What is the minimum amount needed for the first 10 purchases?


When do I get my RP?

In most cases, you will receive your RP instantly. However, please allow up to 6 days for RP to appear in your League of Legends game account once you sign up for RP+, after your funds transfer is complete, or once your eligible Card purchase settles.

Where can I view how many Riot Points I earned with RP+ from American Express Serve?

You can view how many Riot Points you have earned with RP+ by logging into the League of Legends game client and clicking the Store button. Then, click Purchases and View My RP Purchase History.

Will using this Card impact my credit rating?

No. This is a prepaid card it will not impact your credit rating/history.

Is there a fee for using a card?

There is a] $1 monthly fee for using the card. For more information, you can check out Amex’s article here. This fee will never create a negative balance on the card and Serve will offer a number of new benefits in addition to the current contract.

I heard that the security code is located in a different place on AMEX cards. Where is it?



Program Ends December 1st

Something is wrong, I can't sign up/register for the card!

The RP+ from American Express Serve registration site was deactivated on September 19, 2014 when registration was closed.

Is the program ending? I saw an email from Serve about this.

The RP+ American Express Serve program will be closing on December 1, 2014. After this date, program participants will continue to have access to all of the features of Serve, but will no longer be able to earn Riot Points through using their Serve Account. Any Riot Points earned through American Express Serve before December 1, 2014 will not expire and will remain in your League account for you to use at any time.

Will I still be able to continue to earn points once the program ends?

After November 30th, you will no longer be able to earn Riot Points through Serve.

Will I have to trade in my American Express Serve League of Legends Card in for a standard Serve Card when the program ends?

No. You will be able to continue to use your American Express Serve League of Legends card.