Honor System FAQ

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Your Honor Points

Giving honor


Abusing honor


Your Honor Points

In which game modes can I receive honor?

Currently, you can receive honor in all matchmaking queues.  Since honor is intended to be an unbiased reflection of your overall contribution to the community, we want to do everything possible to ensure your honor comes from a random sampling of players like those found through matchmaking.

How much does my score increase each time I'm honored?

The amount of honor you receive will depend on who honors you. We designed honor to reward you for being consistently awesome around everyone you meet. So, being honored by a random player from a game will always award the most honor.

Where can I see my honor score?

You can find the number of people that have honored you in your profile. This number is different than your actual honor value, which varies based on the type of players who regularly honor you.

What is the significance of my honor total?

Your total honor represents your ongoing commitment to making games better for your fellow summoners. It's not a currency, and you can't spend it - we're going to experiment with some potential bonuses to being an honorable summoner in the future.

Does honor transfer between servers?

Honor does not transfer. Each server has a unique culture and environment. Just because you have been honored in one does not necessarily mean you'll be honored in another. If you play on more than one server, you will need to work to earn honor points on each server.

Can I lose honor?

If you're punished for negative behavior, you'll lose all of your honor. You can begin accruing honor again after your punishment ends. LeaverBuster punishments and chargeback bans won't result in losing honor.


Giving Honor

When should I honor someone?

Any time a player has really impressed you, we encourage you to award them with honor. Just select the thumbs up icon at the end-of-game screen and select the category thatk best describes their contribution to your game.

Can I run out of honor to distribute?

Yes. While you're stocked with a generous quantity of honor to hand out, the number is limited based on the number of games you play.

If you're truly using honor to responsibly reward players who went out of their way to make your experience better, it's highly unlikely that you'll ever run out. Trading or spamming honor, however, is likely to make the well run dry, and you may need to play more matches to accrue new honor to give out.



I lost my crest! Why?

We want to encourage honorable behavior that will continue over the long-term. Over time, your honor will decay (and your crests may disappear) if you do not continue to earn honor throughout your games played on the Fields of Justice. We made Crests temporary because we didn't want players to be able to permanently unlock them and potentially turn to bad behavior. A player who is truly honorable should never be in the 1.5% of players that are punished by the Tribunal. If you are banned or suspended by the Tribunal, you will lose all of your crests and will have to earn them again once your suspension is up.

Will it be possible to choose which Crest (each color represents one of the four types of honor) will be shown during Champion select and the loading screen?

Currently it is not possible to select crests; however, if you have multiple crests it will show the one that was most difficult to unlock.

If I earned more than one Crest, will it be possible to display all Crests at the same time?

No, it will not be possible to display all crests at once. Please also note that, by design, only your opponents can see your honorable opponent crest.

My friend has less honor than me but received a crest! Why don't I have one?

The number you see on your profile is actually the number of people that have honored you - not your honor value. Your honor value depends on what sort of players are granting you honor. Being honored by a player you've just met will have greater weight than being honored by a friend you play with all the time or that you have queued together with. Also, if you're being honored by players who grant honor very frequently, their honor will be less valuable than players who save their commendations for only those who are a shining example of the Summoner's Code.


Abusing honor

How are you planning to combat honor trading?

You can only distribute honor following a matchmade game, so it will not be possible to set up games specifically to trade honor. We also have a lot of math in place to track down players who might be trading honor. Those who abuse the system may find themselves subject to disciplinary action.

What do I do if I see people trading or selling honor?

Please report them! For now, we'll be accepting reports for honor trading under the "Spamming" category.

For more information about the honor system, please see the following forum posts:

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