Player Question FAQ

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What is a Player Question?

Player Questions are actual tickets that players agreed to make public in order to help others. Feel free to check them out before sending in your own ticket and upvote the ones that helped you out. If you can’t find your answer, submit a ticket and offer to make it a Player Question!

How can I make my ticket a Player Question?

On certain forms when submitting a ticket there will be a checkbox that has you agree to your ticket becoming public. We try to make sure Player Questions are relevant to a lot of people, so if your issue is relatively unique, we may not publicize it. Also if at any point before your ticket closes you change your mind, simply let the Rioter know in the ticket.

Why can’t I find any Player Questions or the option to make my ticket a Player Question?

We’ll be launching in a few select languages and ticket types to test the feature for few months, so you won’t always see the option. Based on your feedback and the success of the feature at finding you answers, we’ll decide whether or not to kill it or roll it out globally.

I selected to make my ticket Public but is has not shown up on the support site?

Depending on the nature of the discussion, the Rioter may have chosen to keep the information or interaction private.

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